This Code of Conduct presents a summary of the shared values and “common sense” thinking in our community. 

It addresses the principles of good conduct and collegial responsibility for all Members.


The basic social ingredients that hold our project together include:

·    Be considerate

·    Be respectful

·    Be collaborative

·    Be selfless

·    Be positive and inspiring

·    Support and strengthen others in the community

·    Get support from others in the community

We do not tolerate personal attacks, racism, sexism or any other form of discrimination. 


Members’ Code of Conduct

The Cultural Salon Firenze (“the Association”) is a non profit club with the following objectives:

1.    To promote and offer the members a wide range of social benefits and services such as, but not limited to, various events, cocktails, lectures, workshops and concerts, discounts and privileges with partners.

2.    To promote the Association as a social and friendly organisation providing value for money to all those eligible for membership, encouraging them to join the Association.

3.    To co-operate with any other club, having objectives similar to those of the Association, and formed for the purpose of fostering and promoting activities similar to the Association.

4.    To raise, collect, hold and expend monies for the furtherance of any of the Associations objectives.


All members of the Association shall be bound by this Code of Conduct.


Members have a right to:

1.    Be treated fairly, equally and with respect by the Association, its Committee and other members.

2.    Socialise in an environment free from all forms of harassment and discrimination.

3.    Privacy and confidentiality concerning records, documentation and any other communication containing a member’s personal information, unless consent is otherwise provided.

4.    Be informed and actively involved in all club events and offerings.

5.    Voice their opinions, requirements and suggestions to the Committee.


Members must:

1.    Treat other members, guests, staff of venues and other patrons (where any function is being held) fairly, equally and with respect and courtesy.

2.    Behave responsibly and ensure they conduct themselves in a manner which will not injure the reputation of the Association, its events, organisers, participants or sponsors.

3.    Not physically or verbally harass others.

4.    Report any inappropriate behaviour of a member to the Committee of the Association for action and follow up.

5.    Abide by and uphold the Constitution and Code of Conduct.

6.    Pay any fees in relation to an event, or offering (e.g. tickets or memberships) which that member has committed to, regardless of whether the member attends the event or not.

7.    Comply with the reservation system in respect for the Association, it’s hosts and other members. 

8.    Members have a general duty to act in the best interest of the Club as a whole. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their family, and their friends. 

9.    Notify the Association’s Membership Officer of any changes to address or details of dependants.

10.    Only publicize videos, pictures, calendars and other media that are permitted to be shared and are tasteful and uphold the integrity and dignity of the Association membership.

11.    Not use their membership privileges to purchase tickets to any event or other offering, at a membership price, for non members of the Association (except for parties entitled to such prices as nominated from time to time).

12.  If on selling a ticket to an event which the member has booked on to and paid membership rates, if the ticket is sold to a non member, the non member price must be paid for by the recipient of the ticket and then the difference on forwarded to the Association.


Breaches of this Code of Conduct:

1.    Any member not behaving in accordance with the terms of the Code of Conduct at an event of the Association may be asked to leave the function and will not be entitled to a refund of any monies paid.

2.    The inappropriate behaviour of any members will be investigated, discussed and an appropriate course of action will be taken by the Committee, which may include a reprimand, suspension or revocation of membership and a life-ban from CSF events.


Receive a membership card or cards that grant them all Member privileges, In addition Patrons have 1st priority access and seating at all events, lectures, workshops and cultural "events" where an additional fee is not specified, they just pay for their consumption with the CSF discount. Patrons have exclusive access to Patron only events and VIP invitations. Patrons (with permission) will receive special recognition on Association materials.


Have priority booking to all events and exclusive access to Members only events. Membership grants free access to all events (without a specified additional cost), for lectures, workshops and cultural "events" and just pay for their consumption with the CSF discounts. On the website there is a list of CSF's partners who recognize special discounts and privileges for members. 

Family Memberships

Provide membership privileges to all members of a nuclear family. Names must be provided for all family members to be registered and provided nominative membership cards. 


Patrons and Members have a specified number of guest passes to bring guests without an entry fee and subject to CSF discounts and member prices. Over and above the number of free guest passes, members and donors may invite non-member guests (based on availability) by paying guest/entry fee. Guests and non-members are required to sign in.


Space permitting, non-members/guests may attend a maximum of 2 CSF events after which they will be required to apply for Membership or to become a Friend of the Cultural Salon. Non-members pay an entrance fee and do not take advantage of member discounts. Non-members are required to sign in and provide contact information. 

Open Events 

The Thursday social cocktail will remain an open social PR event for membership recruitment purposes, space permitting. (There may be other large events or specific opportunities that may be opened to a larger public) At open events with a cost there will be discounted member prices and full non-member prices both for entrance and consumption.

Membership Application

Member Applicants must have their membership application approved by two members in order to be passed to the membership committee for approval and acceptance. 


Reservation Procedure

In order to ensure the success and fairness of CSF event access and preparation,RSVP are required. Members who RSVP for an event but do not cancel their reservation in time or do not show up, will be expected to pay the drop-in fee for the event. Members who arrive at an event without  RSVP may be turned away, or will be asked to wait for all participants with RSVP to arrive before being permitted entrance. 

Code of Conduct

All members must agree and accept to uphold the mission of the Association Cultural Salon Firenze to promote and empower the members of the community.