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Kundalini Yoga with Allyson Volpe

  • Palazzo San Niccolò 79 Via di San Niccolò Firenze, Toscana, 50125 Italy (map)

Please bring your own yoga mat. There is a €15 drop-in fee or €50 for these four classes. This is a RSVP event only to or 

Kundalini yoga is one of those powerful tools. It is a synthesis of several other types of yoga and is accessible to anyone. It has been said that a well-taught kundalini yoga class leaves you feeling like you’ve been to a good therapy session, had a satisfying workout in the gym, released some pent-up emotions, burned some karma and honored your guru within. Kundalini Yoga incorporates a sequence of movement and stretch, dynamic breath-work, meditation and chanting all done to a good play-list of music in order to uplift and vitalize, to transform and shift. Kundalini yoga is a workout for the mind, body and the spirit.

First time students need not feel insecure. Kundalini yoga is very accessible as you take each posture in your own stride as demonstrated by the teacher. There is no competition with other people or keeping up. The eyes remain closed throughout most of the postures. There is no comparing yourself to the other. Kundalini yoga is more about generating internal energy, working the nervous system, unblocking and going to the core rather than perfecting the outward alignment. Every class is fresh and varied, as you work on different emotions, energy centers, body parts, functions and systems. Participating in a kundalini yoga class today feel vital, relevant and forward thinking for the 21st century seeker.