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Ying Yang Balance Pilates with Ilaria Di Donato

Cultural Salon Firenze teams up with Ilaria Di Donato, the founder and director of Relax Firenze for the upcoming Monday Workshop. She is a Counselor Supervisor, Yin Yoga balance training creator, Reiki master and teacher, professionally trained in Mindfulness and Meditation, bodywork, energy work.

Ilaria will be conducting Yin Yang Balance Pilates: an integrative exercise program that combines the best of eastern mind-body awareness with a more physical “Western” approach to build whole-person fitness from the inside out.
A shift in perception is all that’s necessary.

In eastern cultures, the yin-yang symbol represents the interaction between two opposing forces: dark and light, cold and hot, soft and hard, feminine and masculine. Almost everything, from food to environments to individuals, can be described as having both yin and yang properties, and exercise is no exception.
In our culture we love to specialize, hard bodywork versus soft stretching or yoga, but there’s a dance of opposites occurring in any natural system, and it’s to our advantage to get in step with it.
In fact, The body, as well as mind, responds best to a balance between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ types of activity.

€15 drop-in fee

Time: 9AM-10AM

Location: Via Maggio 15

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