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Body & Soul Workout

Body & Soul Workout with Maria Francesca Masia

"The Mind when housed within a healful body,possesses
a glorious sense of power"
and the soul turns back at her chilhood time.

Monday. May 21st

Time: 1pm-2pm

Location: Palazzo San Niccolò, Via San Niccolò 79

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Maria Francesca Masia was born in Nuoro (Sardinia).

She lived and finished her high school there until the age of 19.

In 1990 she moved to Florence to attend the Faculty of Motor Sciences, where she obtained her BA in 1997.

She started working as a PE teacher in public schools. However, she left that job almost immediately after realizing that she would rather work in the private sector. She worked both for families with "special needs" children, managing rehabilitation activities, as well as for gyms in Florence and surroundings.

In the following years she specialized in choreographic methods, attending Italian Sports federation as well as international, Nike and Reebok courses. She has travelled around a lot, discovering new methods and other teachers. She specialized in Fit boxing, teaching it for over 10 years in a gym in Florence - alongside step, aerobics and muscle conditioning.

She focused on a holistic approach to the body, studying and specializing in stretching, yoga, tai-chi, and pilates.

In 2000 she joined the staff of a wellness center in Florence, as class/group teacher and personal trainer,where she worked until 2008 – eventually, as head of the fitness area. Unfortunately, this experience ended when the gym went bankrupt. Yet, Maria Francesca saw this experience not as a setback, but rather as a new beginning. She resumed her studies with a 3-year course at the ‘Samadhi’ yoga school. 
She then started freelancing in collaboration with a number of gyms within the city of Florence.

Here's Maria's dream:
To teach groups in a sardinian beach at the age of 80.
Would you like to join her there?