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Shamanism & The Management of Inner Energies

We will enter into the heart of the Shamanism, preparing ourselves to become the leaders of our emotions, feelings, and even the functioning of our physical health.

Shamanism is the oldest direct system of revelation on earth.It works through guided imagery and leads us to discover ourselves and our world, helping us to tap into our natural resources. In this lesson I will introduce the basics of the method, explaining what an animal of power is and how to contact it and assume its characteristics and virtues. Like children imitate animals to become strong and brave, we will do the same. We will finish the lesson with the Qi Gong of the 5 animals, using the body as a means of learning and personal transformation. 

TIme: 10.00AM-12PM

Location: Palazzo San Niccolò, Via San Niccolò 79

Donation: €15

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Alessandra Capelli 

Philosopher, Anthropologist, Coach, Relational Counsellor, Taoism scholar and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbalist, Reiki Master, has dedicated her professional life in supporting people to face personal, family, work and development crises, helping them to find a balance and healthy motivation for the personal growth and self-realization. 

Alessandra prefers a multidisciplinary method of synthesis that incorporates both symbolic languages and images, and reasoning, to elaborate a plan of action that transforms the individual from inside, recreating her inner strength that leads to achieve her goals. 

Alessandra’s strength is the emphasis placed on the relationship, as an affective container that facilitates the development and modification of behaviours in the direction of happiness