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Shiva Flow Yoga, Bharadvaja The Joy of Sharing with Lucia Prates

Shiva flow is a contemporary style of Yoga founded by Silvia Romani. A practice where one's own limits are dealt with in a soft and loving way,
where the focus is not on overcoming them but on accepting them and above all on welcoming them

In this workshop we will be focusing on the joy of sharing, Bharadvaja Flow. 

A Flow dedicated to the myth of Bharadvaja and Shiva and to the figure of the Master: a fluid sequence, sometimes technical, that through the heating of the joints of hips and knees leads to the execution of this asymmetric asana in the middle lotus following the story of the myth in a series of fluid and uninterrupted movements.

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€15 Donatiom

Time :1pm- 2.30pm

Location: Via Maggio 15 

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*Learning Lovers, Royalty Rewards:For all participants who RSVP for both classes, drop in fee will be €20 to attend both Monday workshops.