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Luce in Scatola di Lucia Baldini

"Luce In scatola" is the continuation of a project that Lucia Baldini developed in 2010 through an installation called "Spacetime Extensions". It is a visual and photographic path that develops through the conversion of images into three-dimensional supports; therefore, photography loses its bidimensionality to become three-dimensional. This project was developed through video installations, "mirror boxes", boxes "guides to get lost", alphabets, artist's books and glass sandwiches.

In this exhibition, the study of "canned light" comes from images created using a smartphone, which in some ways is already a "light in box" as the image is displayed through a backlit monitor and then shown through a new backlit box: a "lightbox". The image remains two-dimensional, but is crossed by a light that can vary in intensity and consequently can give the possibility to read fully or partially the subject represented.

In this section of "canned light" hosted by our Multiverse brand coworking in Via del Porcellana 59 red in Florence, Lucia Baldini plays on the same narrative line that unfolds on three elements: the number 2, subjects close together but isolated from their own context and intertwining.
The journey of experimentation continues with new supports and visual languages.


Time: 10AM-1PM and 3PM-7PM

Location: JoinStudio

via del Porcellana 59 rosso, 50123 Firenze

Galleria fotografica su La Repubblica Firenze