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Overcoming Trauma with Itzhak Beery

An amazing shamanic workshop led by Mr. Itzhak Beery for the weekend of April 26 to 28 in one of the most relaxing and beautiful Tuscany resorts.

"Overcoming trauma"

We cross the time-space dimension to contact trauma, and through the shamanic method we dissolve the emotional tie that holds us from being free and happy. Our soul is called back inside us, and our energy can implement to its peak!

Mr. Itzhak Beery is a Hebrew Shaman who stays in New York and twice a year goes living with the most outstanding and powerful Native Shamans in Ecuador, learning healing techniques dating back thousands years. This Tradition is being handed to us to remind us the power of the natural forces and the greatness of the mind to resolve body-mind problems.

Itzhak is Professor of Shamanism at the New York University.  He is followed by New York Times and many other top Media. He performs in many educational  programs that are being forecast all over America. He is the Author of 3 bestsellers. 


The seminar comes now for € 380 for the 3 days not including the beautiful accomodation in Montespertoli at 3 Santi resort. 

But only for Cultural Salon's kind Associated and Partners we offer participation for € 290 each.  

There is a further facilitation.  If you can gather 10 persons,  all the participants of the group will have the workshop at the special price of € 220 each. 

Don't miss this charming, effective, life-changing experience!

For information and registration please don't hesitate to phone or whats' app Alessandra - + 39 3335900700.

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