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AWA: The Innocents of Florence

A 600-year-old painting leads two art conservators in Florence on a journey uncovering the city's forgotten children and the women who saved them. Enjoy this trailer and join us at the premiere of The Innocents of Florence, the new documentary by Canadian filmmaker Davide Battistella, showing in Florence followed by 6 days of further screenings.

Follow two female conservators, Nicoletta Fontani and Elizabeth Wicks, as they set out to salvage the mysterious painting Madonna of the Innocents, a restoration sponsored by AWA’s founder Dr. Jane Fortune. The painting was created as the banner for the Innocenti Institute in 1446 and its restoration has triggered numerous discoveries revealed in this 90-minute feature that explores art, motherhood, Florentine humanism and how a progressive-thinking Renaissance society created one of the first Children’s hospitals in the world.

Friday, May 17th 2019

Time: 21.00

Location: Cinema La Compagnia , Via Camillo Cavour 50R