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Essential Oils for Total Wellness with Kristin Sullivan

Essential oils are nature in concentrated form. They can be used daily to sustain wellness, heal existing conditions, and maximize health. In this class, you will learn which oils are appropriate for many common issues, some including: low energy, poor digestion, insomnia, skin irritations, headaches, and anxiety. Oils act as powerful guides in challenging times due to their ability to access the limbic system of our brain. We will touch on their power to heal at the emotional level and their ability to assist in manifesting our deepest desires.

All participants will leave with a program for body, mind, & spirit wellness, incorporating the oils we discussed. Kristin will have her own line available ~ APOTHEKA ~ offering beauty serums, bath salts, and exclusive hand-blended oils, available for purchase.

Kristin Sullivan is a Certified health and wellness coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She was introduced to essential oils as a teen and has been diving deeper into the natural world ever since. She created her brand called APOTHEKA due to an ever expanding repertoire of natural skills, in an effort to house all of her alignments with nature. This includes custom essential oil based products and blends, foraging and art courses, hands-on plant-based cooking lessons and catering for intimate events. 

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better ~ Albert Einstein


Time: 1pm-2.30pm

Location: Via Maggio 15- ground floor 

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