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Emotional Alphabetization, How Can It Help Me? with Dott. Paolo Molino

Calling things with their names, above all emotions, can help  understand life better and live more satisfactorily.

During this workshop we will go through some clarification about what emotions are for and how to recognize them. Often we make confusion and call sadness, anger, or fear, anxiety.

A different narrative makes a different life. Sharing and talking will guide us through the process, we also will do, possibly, a little experience with emotions so that we can find out which tools we do have to understand them and name them.

The principle guiding the experience will be the quest for presence to ourselves. If I am in contact with how I feel, I will make choices coherent with my comfortability. My yeses will be yes, my nos ill be no. In a word, authenticity, for our own sake.  So many times we ask ourselves "how did this happen (again)?"," why am I finding myself in such a situation?", "how come I find this kind of partner?", and so on. We will try to hint answer and new perspectives to these kind of questions.

Location: Palazzo San Niccolò, Via San Niccolò 79

Time : 10.30am-12.30pm

€ 15 Donation

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*Learning Lovers, Royalty Rewards:For all participants who RSVP for both classes, drop in fee will be €20 to attend both Monday workshops.