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The Body Temple with Stefania Tortorelli

Acceptance, Awareness and Gratitude for the Physical Body and Its Transformation

Stefania will lead a  spring detox, a depurative diet which eliminates toxins and helps for skin rejuvevenation, with a relaxation at the end followed with a beautiful image 

The Kundalini Yoga is a discipline known as “yoga’s corners and triangles” for the attention it adopts in its positions, which together with the breath control, the hands position and the mantra recitation are responsible of its effectiveness. 

Stefania practices the Kundalini Yoga discipline since 1999. In 2006 she obtained the first level teacher Certification and in 2012 the second level. She is currently waiting for her third and last level of training of Kundalini Yoga.

Time: 1PM-2PM

Location: Palazzo San Niccolò, Via San Niccolò 79

€ 15 Donation

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*Learning Lovers, Royalty Rewards:For all participants who RSVP for both classes, drop in fee will be €20 to attend both Monday workshops.