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Vivere Bene, Vivere a Lungo

Living well and longer is possible with Nano Technology in the form of a patch applied to the epidermis that has an almost instantaneous overall effect of wellbeing. 
Nano Technology offers excellent natural results, utilizing exclusively one’s own body temperature to activate and strengthen each person’s weak points.  
Naturopath Teresa Lòpez specializes in Iridology after training in both California and Mexico. She has been practicing this profession for over 25 years and continuously updating her knowledge as the field evolves. In the last 5 years has used applied phototherapy with non-transdermal devices in the form of patches with excellent results. 
This presentation will be in Italian and English.
Free for members & patrons
Drop-in fee: €10(non-members)

Wednesday,February 27th 
Time: 10.00-12.00
Location: RELAX Firenze, Via degli Strozzi 2

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